new life

Buried, Excavation, and Returning

Words that POP

Buried in grief for so long

like my Love

is buried in the earth.

Excavation is progressing

for me


for him.

I don’t have to

find myself-

she was buried

231 days ago

I just need to dig deep

to get her back…

She is now being resurrected

from the overwhelming

darkness of grief.

A little different than before:

not taking crap

knows what she wants

has experienced the best

and will not settle for less

more exuberant

is okay alone


has been forever changed

by life, love, and grief.

The darkness of being buried in grief is lifting, but will return for visits and that’s okay.

The excavation is almost complete.

My return to life is in progress

the burial dirt has stained my soul

tears left tracks on my psyche

my Love left footprints on my Soul.

But life goes on

and I’m


231 XO Lisa

2 comments on “Buried, Excavation, and Returning

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