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Getting My Badass Back and Gratitude 153

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I have not been feeling well the last eight or nine days.

For awhile I tried like crazy to convince myself that everything was okay, but one week ago I gave in and saw a doctor.

Intuition was correct –

I have been a good patient

taking the antibiotics (that make me feel like a 100 year old who wants to do nothing but sleep all the time),

keeping hydrated,

and slowly advancing the food choices that anyone faced with a liquid diet for several days knows how to do.

“What defines us in life is what we do when we become sick.”

― Steven Magee

The feeling of sheer exhaustion from antibiotics made me think

a lot

that if this was just a small portion of how shitty Larry felt when on continuous antibiotics for more than a year as a result peritonitis, he was an extraordinary human.

I thought of just how much effort it took for him to make me laugh when I got home from work, to talk, and act normal so I wouldn’t be alarmed.

I also realize why he slept most of the time.

I feel the exhaustion now.

“Even the littlest things were now a challenge, one I didn’t understand.”

― Sarah Todd Hammer

I am grateful that I only have three more days of antibiotics,

they are working,

my pain has subsided for the most part,

and I am looking forward to re-working my ‘normal food’ into a menu that (hopefully) will prevent this from happening again.

I am also anticipating more energy as my body takes the time it needs to heal – I will get my badass back and post regularly soon.

XO Lisa

13 comments on “Getting My Badass Back and Gratitude 153

  1. Lisa, thanks for checking in. Your body is taking baby steps in the right direction. God’s grace and peace walks with you.

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  2. Sending you a big hug x

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  3. Hope you feel better soon! ❤

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  4. wow, it is great to appreciate what Larry went through. I do the same thing with friends and clients No clue how they do it. Hang in there.. you’re on your way. ❤️

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