Today I am Grateful For:

A wonderful weekend…

That started out with meeting my friend at the hotel, dinner with heart shaped clouds, and then the main event:

Metallica Drive-in concert with Nikki and her friends!

Fun and much laughter ensued.

Topped off by Sunday visit to Toledo to see Son, Daughter-in-love, and the grandlittles!

I witnessed carpet “mowing” when the Mama was sweeping- as described by two-year-old Houdini (See Adventures of Bad Grandma )

played with Barbies compliments of Miss B,

heard a trumpet practice session from Miss M,

went on a shopping excursion with Son and actually found a bit of ammo,

witnessed a piñata smash and candy grab,

topped off by Happy Birthday singing compete with a sticky sucker in the Mama’s hair moment followed by wonderful cake made by oldest grandlittle and ice cream.

The sucker-in-the Mama’s hair moment captured on video

I didn’t have time to take many pictures!

Bad grandma was whipped when she got home!

But very happy!

XO Lisa

7 comments on “Musings Gratitude Day 89

  1. What a wonderful time with your family. I love the pictures and video. I was able to celebrate my 60th B-day with my family this weekend as well. Take care.

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  2. pinata’s are the best… !

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  3. It sounds like all the very most important things!

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