Children Gratitude Series

Musings Gratitude Day 88

Happy Birthday to my Son Shawn!

“A son or daughter can tell their parents, they love them, all the time, and it’s wonderful to hear. That expression of love and appreciation is warm in a parent’s heart. If a son or daughter wants to completely capture their parent’s heart, make them proud. Live every single day with integrity, honor and kindness. Your actions will always take precedence over your words.”

— Ron Baratono

I am exceedingly grateful for you:

My bossy,




over sensitive,

ever loving,




always thought he could fool his mom but she could see right through him,


Who wears his heart on his sleeve,

loves his wife and children,

calls his mom regularly,

and can be a general PitA for good measure.

I am proud of you!

… and I love you more!


XO Mom

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