Moving Forward

Musings Signs Continue

This morning I saw a goldfinch

a female, go figure.

Our bird.

I haven’t seen one in ages.

We fell in love with these little birds on our honeymoon. They were all around the cabin we stayed in. We came home and bought birdfeeders. Sat for hours to watch them. Birdwatching became a hobby we enjoyed together.

The little bird sat there on the wire, chirping, looking at me for quite a while.

I tried to get a good picture but my hands were shaking. They still are.

When I walked inside to check to see if the picture turned out, still shaking, my phone empirically shut off. I had to restart.

In that moment of disconnect I felt my love near. Lawrence is near me all the time.

I am happy that we never said goodbye – only see you later. I will see him again and again and again. In my dreams, in my thoughts, and in the signs that he sends me that he’s always nearby.

351 XO Lisa

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