“We each die once but the people in their physical bodies kill us over, and, over again.” –Tom Zuba

That statement.

Yes that one.

The quote above.

Hit me between the eyes, traveled down my spine, and right into my heart.

An electric current of truth.

Caused me to ask questions:

How many times will I allow myself to think of my Lawrence’s death and kill him all over again?

Will I choose to think only of the one brutal second he died, or choose to remember all the good Lawrence brought to my life?

How many times more will I allow myself to suffer by rehashing the pain?

My inner voice is saying, “Seek peace.” and “Allow yourself to fully heal. It’s time.”

My inner voice is Lawrence, my Love. He wants me to heal. He never, ever, wanted to see me sad.

He has sent two signs in two days that he is all around me. Still here.

I have always believed that he is. I feel him. I have heard him out loud. He sends unmistakable messages in my dreams.





to heal.

To really heal.

To allow my self to heal.

I am ready to heal.

For real this time.

My Intention: To allow healing. To heal.

My Vision: Living my best life while helping others find their way to healing.

My Plan: Carry on with the hard work I have been doing the last 351 days.

Feel every feeling as it arises.

Become the fire.

Let it engulf me.


351 XO Lisa

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