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Spring is Coming and Gratitude 155

View in my yard…

Although there is a chance of snow in the forecast next week,

daylilies are sprouting,

Robins are hunting worms,

and grass is turning green after being buried in snow.

All are signs of the promise of spring after a brutal winter.

Therefore, I am hopeful.

Seasons come and go like clockwork.

Winter passes with the promise

of warmer spring days in the future

and new life dawning.

The cyclic nature of seasons reminds me of life.

The heat of summer with its happiness and joy

followed by the spectacular colors of fall.

As the temperatures drop

fall colors fade and flowers die.

The earth prepares

for the long dark nights of winter

when we grieve the warmth and colors of summer

while the earth is frigid and life seems barren.

But eventually, if we wait patiently

the grief of winter

gives way to

the joy of spring!

Life is cyclic like the seasons

with its ups and downs.

We triumph and fail,

laugh and cry,

love and grieve.

But if we ride the waves,

realize that cycles come and go,

and never give up,

joy is just around the corner –

just like the promise of spring!

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7 comments on “Spring is Coming and Gratitude 155

  1. aguycalledbloke

    Hey Good Morning Badass Momma! 🙂

    Some music for your listening pleasure and wishing you a truly lovely day 🙂

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  2. Right on Lisa! I am grateful for spring to continue refreshing and uplifting my outlook for the coming months.

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  3. lovely promise of spring! 💖

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  4. Robin Salyer-Williams


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