Image: Pixaby

The thoughts

or, as I lovingly refer to them,


in my head

must be acknowledged.

One of the several things

I learned yesterday

during my epic meltdown.

They can no longer

be silenced

by loud music

or by me telling myself

that they aren’t there…

My need for peace

must be placed first

and foremost

in my sights.

So after acknowledging,

I made some decisions…

My Peace equals (in no particular order):

1. STUFF – living minimal with

certainly no reminders of the dead-

all of them – packing those up –

to be visited later when stronger.

They’re in my memory. That’s enough.

2. Family – always have my back.

I will forever love you all. ❤️

3. PEOPLE – accept only the best,

ditch the rest. Not everyone is

kind-hearted regardless of what they

say. Actions speak loudly.

4. ME – give myself a break.

I’m allowed a moment, a day,

even a week of weakness.

Whatever it takes to make it

out alive and a better person.

5. TRUE FRIENDS – show gratitude

often. Without you all I might have

given in already. To you I owe

my life. Thank you ❤️

6. WRITE – get it out. People can

read or not read.

7. G-D – my ever-present help in

good times and bad. The still, small

voice that I must not silence.

8. MUSIC – listen always but not to

silence the voice within, only to

celebrate it!

Sounds like a preliminary plan

rolling with it…

XO Lisa


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