My love:

I know that you know,

but 70 days since


you are

still in our thoughts-

we talk about you

like you’re still here

I say hello to you

when I see an orange Aztec

driving down the street

Jennifer sees dragonflies everywhere

Shawn and Sarah have

a lot of dragonflies

at their house

Jonathan sees frogs

Bristol asks regularly

“Why did PawPaw have to Die?”


“Is Rusty the brown dog with PawPaw?”

We assure her that you

did not want to die

but you were sick

now you are

watching over her,

and Rusty is indeed with you.

Malea can’t choose

a favorite memory

because there are so many

and she misses you terribly.

I still wake up at 4:30 AM,

say hello to you,

and sometimes fall back

to sleep- sometimes not.

You also visit us

in dreams…

We’ll love you forever

and miss you more

than you know

Your memory is a blessing

to us all.

© Lisa P 4 September 2019

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