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Daybreak and a Visit

Sunrise Through the Barren Tree Branches

Today’s sunrise was spectacular

it reminded me that life goes on

and every day is an opportunity

to give thanks.

Today I would like to give thanks

for the visit I received

two nights ago.

My Love came in a dream

He woke me up from a dead sleep at 3 AM. In the dream he was telling me to move over because I was on his side of the bed and he wanted to get in.

He was dressed for bed. I felt him sit on the bed before he spoke. I smelled his favorite cologne, even after he disappeared.

I don’t have the talent that my Love had of being able to go back to sleep and get right back into dreams. So of course I was crying when I woke up, and couldn’t go back to sleep.

But last night I slept soundly and woke up to a gorgeous sunrise

to remind me

to seize the day

and be thankful.

197 & 9/365 XO Lisa

8 comments on “Daybreak and a Visit

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  4. That’s beautiful. I’ve heard of others having similar experiences. My wife’s cousin can still smell his mom or dad’s fragrance once in a while, even after a couple of years.

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