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251 Grateful for Mom

The last picture taken of Mom and I

Today is six years

since my beautiful,

sweet Mom

took her last breath on earth


opened her eyes in heaven.

I miss her daily…

I still look to her life for examples

how to lead my life.

Some I do okay

but in many areas

I fall woefully short.

My mom was patient,


a perfectionist,

a neat freak (sorry mom – I’ll never measure up),



couldn’t stand dirty dishes in the sink.

She also loved her family fiercely,

never put a thing on the table that my daddy wouldn’t eat (unless he was at work, then all bets were off),

and lived her life for her husband and her girls – putting herself last in line


She had an awesome sense of humor

a temper that was easily poked,

and a need to control her surroundings.

Some things I do get from her…

Most importantly, she accepted us for who we were

and loved us equally despite our inability

to live up to the standards she set for herself.

Sometimes six years feels like a lifetime

and other days –

like today,

it seems like yesterday.

If I can only be

half the woman that she was,

I will consider myself a success…

I love you mom,

forever… ❤️💔

I will see you again,

of that I am sure.

XO Lisa Mae 💔❤️‍🩹❤️

10 comments on “251 Grateful for Mom

  1. sending you love and special moments of joy. such a sweet poem! 🌈💖🌈

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  2. Hugs friend 💕

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  3. Marti Macy

    Beautifully written from the heart. It was the era, our Mom Nora came to mind as I read your words. They were grateful, loving Mothers.

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  4. Aww! A sweet, tender tribute. Sorry you lost her. It seems that each year gets more precious the older my parents get. I know the day will come and I am not ready. Are we ever ready to lose our parents?
    Had to laugh at the dirty dishes in the sink. My mom is tne same way and we poor daughter’s have let her down in that area. LOL!
    Blessings to you! And yes what a wonderful promise to know we will see our loved ones again.

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