Marilyn Long (Mom)

Reading a recipe written in my sweet mom’s handwriting brings back a plethora of memories,


and stories.

This particular recipe came from my great Aunt Mae – grandma Effie Varner Bush’s sister.

Whenever anyone baked these cookies the tantalizing aroma of citrus filled the house.

Mom always made these at Christmas. Later, sis Linda and mom observed their cookie baking day tradition… They love(d) baking cookies! Linda still does. Me- no way!

The best story about Orange Drop Cookies revolves around my Dad’s sister Pat.

She loved these cookies so much that after getting the recipe from mom, she baked a batch. Instead of the tantalizing aroma of citrus filling the house, they smelled…


You see, mom’s directions for 1C of sour milk was always: 1 tablespoon vinegar and fill to 1C with milk.

Aunt Pat reversed the formula.

My grandpa Jim ate them anyway… but he was the guy who mixed everything on his plate before he ate stating, “It all goes to the same place anyway!”

But back to cookies…

I am grateful for my family memories – the fun, the odd,

and mom’s recipes, and those who still bake them!

XO Lisa ❤️

9 comments on “242 Orange Drop Cookies

  1. awwwww sweet memories!!

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  2. Yummy! I can almost smell the citrus of these sweet, savory cookies. My mother has always been the champion cookie baker in our family. Her snickerdoodles are legendary.

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