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287 Goodbye November – Hello December

Autumn has come and gone

The tree in the front yard is bare

Bill traveled to Florida for a week to spend time with his family. He had the opportunity to see friends and celebrate Thanksgiving with extended family as well.

Roxie and I had quiet time at home after work!

We were both happy to see him when he returned home – Roxie the dog was literally happy dancing to have her honey back!

Although we give thanks every day,

the Thanksgiving holiday was observed.

Bill was in Florida visiting family, so I took the opportunity to shop in the morning and relax in the afternoon for a bit…

But a big snowstorm came so it was my turn to get out the snow blower for the first time of the season


Friday night I baked his birthday cake while he was on his way home.

and then…

Saturday – after a plane ride,

we cooked our feast!

Today I am baking again…

a holiday favorite of mine!

The dough is mixed and rising…

I’ll post the recipe and pictures later

but here’s a clue…

Can you guess what it is?

XO Lisa ❤️

12 comments on “287 Goodbye November – Hello December

  1. Lisa, thanks for sharing your happenings. I was thinking of you when I saw snow in the forecast for northwestern Ohio. We’ve had nothing down here. Blessings to you and Bill during this special season.

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  2. lovely December Lisa and happy birthday to Bill. We call it bulk which looks like veggies butk looks very yummy!! ❤️

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  3. Marti Champion


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  4. What a wonderful cake Lisa! And Happy Birthday Bill💗

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  5. Linda Dawson

    OMG! Are you making fruitcake??? I actually thought there is only one in the world that gets passed around and around for infinty!😂😂😂😂

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