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Musings No, No, No! 4/1/2021

This is a public service announcement:

It has come to my attention that I use one particular word too much and that a friend should pass along the message that I should stop.

Let’s get one thing straight (or five)…

I have always followed the beat of my own drum and pretty much ignored the admonitions of others who seemed holier-than-thou or judgmental.

Rarely do I read instruction manuals, unless I have more than a few screws left over in a project.

Nobody tells me what I should or should not do except my boss, who is paying my salary, and G-d. If anyone would like to pay more than my salary or apply for G-d’s position so they can judge, I might just listen.

Seriously y’all, sometimes there just isn’t a better word than “fuck”! It can be said so many ways and mean many things – not all of them what two people do between the sheets.

Besides, I try to keep it down, I really do. In this day and age it isn’t good to say what one really thinks, now is it?

How about this?

If I type the word “fuck” just ignore it and instead read “fudge”!

If I say the word “fuck” out loud just pretend that I am the worst person in the world and you are better than I am so your self-esteem will skyrocket.

Or just tell me that you’re offended and I will apologize profusely, beg for forgiveness, cut out my tongue, and never think an independent thought again.

Whoops – the last paragraph was an April Fools joke.

Why don’t we try this: You do you, I’ll be me, and we’re both okay just as we are.

That sounds better!

XO Lisa

2 comments on “Musings No, No, No! 4/1/2021

  1. Lisa, I appreciate the strength in your honest words.

    Liked by 2 people

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