1970s Grateful Gratitude Series memories

227 My Memory Keeper

My sister is my memory keeper

Of course,

she’s younger than I…

Not that I am old,

but there was a summer

in my youth,

1979 to be exact,

fueled by alcohol

and hormones

that I recall very little of.

I truly wish that I could remember more than the bits and pieces that remain in my brain

because when I hear the stories from the perspective of my sister

they were great fun taking laps on weekends and evenings spent around my parents’ table playing cards.

Times of laughter and camaraderie.

All of us filed by the mind-altering substance of choice…

except my sister – the memory keeper.

This morning she sent me the obituary of one of those people around the table so long ago.

His obit said that he became a minister, married, and had children. Lived a full life.

He was loved.

… I still didn’t remember

and that made me sad.

I am grateful for the memories I do retain

and for the rest I will be sure to consult my memory keeper.

Thank you Linda 💕

XO Lisa

11 comments on “227 My Memory Keeper

  1. As I move closer to birthday 66, I usually can lift crystal clear memories from my data bank. However, there are other moments when my recollection is a bit foggy and dim.

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  2. oh what a special poem.. soooo dear!❣️

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  3. As long as I can remember, I’ll share!🤗 Love you, sister!❤

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  4. Awesome post. Memories are my lifeline to my loved ones who are not with us anymore. And memories we are still making with our loved ones still with us. Never miss a opportunity to make memories they will be your life line

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