Grateful, Blessed, & Birthday

Three days before the day of my birth and it is time to reflect:

I am grateful:

For family and friends

who take the edge off

my aloneness

For my parents who were

my guiding lights

For my grandchildren

who make me smile and laugh

For my children

(even though they hover – too much)

For my bonus Jen,

whose sense of humor

reminds me so much of her Dad’s

that my raucous laughter is

followed by cleansing tears.

For my neighbors

who spoil my dog … and me

All of the above are blessings

but I am immeasurably

blessed because I had a

great love with Lawrence –

so many don’t have that privilege…

I will miss my mom waking me up with my birth story, but I’ve heard it so many times that it’s burned in my memory. I will miss my grandfather’s homemade and decorated birthday cakes.

I will miss my Love’s happy birthday hug and kiss. But I will cherish the memories


171 and nearly 59 years old… XO Lisa


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  1. Renee/Heart Tokens

    This brought tears to my eyes Lisa. It’s always wonderful to remember our love ones after they have passed. It’s hard sometimes to go on without them there to share in all the special times and holidays. 😢……I hope you have a “Happy” Birthday Tuesday! Mine was Friday. 🙂

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