Mostly a mere whisper

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occasionally a shout

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Always nudging us back when on an off-road experience and lost in the wilderness.

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I have experienced that “lost in the wilderness” feeling many times, but especially when I was lost in the grief abyss. That gnawing sense that my inner compass wasn’t pointed to true north.

It happened when taking a route away from what I knew to be true to my core values.

While on those detours the magnetic pull, whispering voice to return to center, come back to faith, and return to a relationship with God was strong.

The tap on the shoulder was never ending.

If ignored, the voice grew louder and the tap became a punch in the gut.

It was as if I could hear my grandmothers all the way from heaven praying for me on her knees as she did when I was growing up.

Knowing them, they probably interceded and asked God to send a legion of angels to help me remember the faith of my childhood and push me back on track by whatever means necessary…

To be honest, I remember my grandmothers praying a lot. Without ceasing.

Always for others.

Never for themselves.

They kept lists of people to pray for.


My inner compass needs a heading check…

Which way is my life pointing?

I am not perfect.

I hesitate to say that I have felt that nudge, even heard the megaphone in my head many times throughout my life.

But it has been on my heart for quite some time that as humans we might just be running out of time to make the decision to commit or recommit our lives to God.

God does not want any of his children to be left behind.

If you feel led to a new or recommitted relationship with the Lord God through his Son Jesus Christ, follow this link: Peace With God to find help and next steps in your journey.

XO Lisa ❤️

4 comments on “226 The Still, Small Voice

  1. Always relieved! We just have to listen…


  2. God is unceasing in His actions. When we listen to His Word and honestly accept His grace, we feel relieved to hear that single, persistent voice. Lisa, thank you for sharing your faith journey. Many of us have walked a similar route at some point in our lives.

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  3. Will never forget hearing my mom praying for each one of her children. Beautiful words. Beautiful post.

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