Badass Moving Forward With

Badassery 7/27

“Find your own magic and magic will follow you.”

— Lisa Long Preisler

Yes, some people are still trying to convince me to change my mind about some decisions I made last week.

If they knew me well, they would know better than to do so.

They would know that doing so just strengthens my resolve to follow my heart, my gut instinct, my inner voice.

Speaking of following my heart, my gut instinct, my inner voice, I did just that last weekend.

I had a blast! A mind-blowing experience that was, in some respects, crazily out of my comfort zone. But amazing nonetheless.

Since I have resolved to live life in the present, I am taking what may be a new chapter one word at a time.

I am no longer living in fear.

My eyes are opened wide!

Taking a leap of faith is good for my soul!

Little badass calendar, you were a few days late with this one, but you validated my decisions. For that I thank you!

XO Lisa

5 comments on “Badassery 7/27

  1. Absolutely! Thank you!


  2. Good to know that. ☺ Gives courage. Hope you keep having these experiences out of your comfort zone, for there lies the ultimate comfort. 🙏🍾🎊🎉

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  3. Lovely to hear you are following your inner voice!❤️

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