“The next time you want to withhold your help, or your love, or your support for another for whatever the reason, ask yourself a simple question: do the reasons you want to withhold it reflect more on them or on you? And which reasons do you want defining you forevermore?”

― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

I have been blessed beyond measure in my life.

So blessed, in fact, that there is no way I could ever repay anyone for the blessings I have received in good times and most importantly, during hardship.

When I was a single mom I did everything in my power to provide food and clothing for my children. We were living on very little income. My parents helped a lot – we were frequent dinner guests at their house. My aunt provided clothing. Not necessarily the most stylish or up-to-date, but we were not naked. I taught my kids to shop sales, we had budgets and limits. Sometimes we were able to go out to eat.

They knew how to do their own laundry by fourth grade age and both learned how to cook. They were responsible for their own rooms (sometimes that hurt).

However, there were times when ends just didn’t meet. I remember a time at the grocery store when I followed the list to a “T” and was a bit short at the cash register. I was horrified. A nice person behind me handed the cashier the amount that was needed and would not provide an address so I could pay her back.

Countless times angels paid our bill at after-church dinners or dropped off bags of groceries.

I learned quickly to just say “Thank you.”

“Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.”

― Brian Tracy

As a result of the kindness of many people in my lifetime, I try to help others as much as I can. Whether it is a generous tip during these hard times, giving a cashier the difference if someone in front of me is short on cash, or paying for the order of the car behind me in the drive through line. I know how it feels to need help.

I also know that giving when able provides more blessing to me than to those I have helped.

When asked if I can be repaid, I merely say “Pass it on when you can.”

“When we give freely, we feel full and complete; when we withhold, we feel small, petty, impotent, and lacking. We are meant to learn this great truth, that giving fulfills us, while withholding and trying to get causes us to feel empty and even more needy. This truth runs counter to our programming, which drives us to try to get something from others to fulfill our neediness, only to end up even more needy, grasping, lacking, and unfulfilled.”

― Gina Lake, What About Now?: Reminders for Being in the Moment

However, in my humble opinion, the best gifts are not monetary.

The best gifts for me are time and memories.

The gift of a couple of hours with two of my littles and my daughter-in-love early this week lifted my heart and spirits to heights above the clouds. Talking to them face-to-face made my grandma’s heart so happy.

Sarah gave me the gift of time. The best gift.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“How would your life be different if…You decided to give freely, love fully, and play feverously? Let today be the day…You free yourself from the conditioned rules that limit your happiness and dilute the beautiful life experience. Have fun. Give – Love – Play!”

― Steve Maraboli, The Power of One

As we approach the holidays, don’t stress out about the dollar amount of the gifts you plan give.

Just give from the heart.

Don’t forget the most precious gift – the true reason for the season – Jesus Christ.

Give willingly with a grateful heart and no thought of what you might get in return.

Your heart will be overflowing.

Trust me, I know.

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

13 comments on “Unapologetically Real 26

  1. Love this so much! I also have worn these shoes…the recipient of such love, kindness and undeserved grace. I have been surely blessed.


  2. I love this post 💯, Lisa!!! WELL SAID!!! So true! There is no dollar amount that can be placed on a gift given from the heart!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. well said Lisa, the best gifts to me are time and memories too! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. sestansbery

    We love you and we loved our visit!!


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