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238 Thanksgiving Dance

😂Facebook 😂

Giving thanks and practicing gratitude is somewhat like a dance…

When life is frenzied, we quick step around and barely stop to breathe.

When quiet, a slow waltz provides time to collect ourselves and think.

Happy times call for a jive style of dance

and working hours can be a combination of the three.

At night, perhaps a tango?

But the most important thing is to dance,

whether it be stylized or to the beat of nobody’s drum but one’s own,

or (my favorites) Skynard & Metallica,

just dance!

For dancing and moving clears negativity and allows room for gratitude to bloom.

So dance!

Trust me, nobody’s watching because

(as the picture says)

“They’re not

they’re checking their phones…”

XO Lisa ❤️

PS- For those of you who care, it’s good exercise as well…

5 comments on “238 Thanksgiving Dance

  1. lol sooo funny and true!!love your poem and so good to see you! 💖

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  2. Inspiring encouragement Lisa! Let’s all keep moving and feel blessed.

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