Batch 38 in the deep freeze

and will go in the freeze dryer next

Bill cut up ten pounds of fresh mangoes


One you tube video he watched said the mango left on the pit was for the kids

since hes truly a child at heart

guess what he did.

If you guessed Ate every bit of mango off the pit,

you are correct and win todays imaginary prize

Batch 37 is organic smoked maple bourbon ham (sans nitrates). The previous ham was so yum-o that we made another trip to Whole Foods for a second.

Nitrates are migraine-inducing agents for me so we read a lot of labels. I was so excited to find ham sans those pesky chemicals!

Yesterday was the first anniversary of Miss Annette (Bills Mom) stepping into eternity.

We lit a candle in her beautiful memory , which is such a blessing to he and I.

I didnt know her long enough, but she was like a second mom to me and loved me like her own child.

She is missed greatly here on earth.

As Easter approaches tomorrow (coinciding with Larrys 71st birthday), I would like to wish Larry a happy earth birthday. Hopefully hell hear my whispered wish while hes enjoying eternity.

Happy Birthday- Imiss you so much always and forever.

I wish all of you a blessed Easter

He is Risen!

XO Lisa 歹

6 comments on “294 Mangoes and Memories

  1. That’s a great story of the mangos and Bill cutting all of those and eating around the pit. ha.
    How sweet his mom was so close to you. Blessings to her and to Larry, Lisa!


  2. Blessings to you and Bill! Through our own memories, the Resurrection continues to faithfully breathe through us.

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  3. Happy Birthday Larry!
    Love you Lisa & Bill
    Happy Resurrection Day!

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  4. Robin Salyer-Williams

    Beautiful ty for sharing. and 歹 to u both

    Liked by 1 person

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