I don’t know if it’s because I am getting older or if the last year and almost three months of Rona forced me to stay at home and find pleasure in the little things…

But sitting on my side porch looking out at my daylily bed with finches at the feeders, drinking from the birdbath, and watching geese with goslings waddle by brings me joy.

I have added ornaments to the daylily bed, and a hummingbird feeder! Hopefully the hummingbirds will find it soon.

The front yard is still full of bird wars with the addition of another hummingbird feeder.

I am sad to say that the resident chipmunk “Chippy” hasn’t been sighted since I returned from vacation. He must have fallen victim of a cat or a hawk. I suspect a cat, because earlier this week a stray black cat was poking around Chippy’s hole. I’m just glad that I wasn’t here to see the dastardly deed. RIP Chippy…

The geese still have all five of their goslings and there is a new family with three smaller babies.

My happy place…

I’m grateful that I can enjoy life as it is now without thinking that I am missing out on running hither and yon, never stopping from dawn to dark.

I am also hoping after the right eye cataract surgery next week with the left to follow two weeks later, that I’ll be able to see all the wildlife more clearly, especially at night! I will be exceedingly grateful not to have to hurry home before dark to avoid being blinded by oncoming headlights!

Although Rona forced me to stay at home and find joy in the little things, I am going to continue this trend even after things open up again.

I have found that I like peace.

I enjoy peace!

I crave peace!

I am grateful for peace!

More on that later…

XO Lisa ❤️

11 comments on “Gratitude 179 Rona Musings – My Happy Place

  1. Coming out of my Covid cocoon, I am sure I will appreciate the little things just as much as the big things. Lisa, keeping you in prayer with your upcoming cataracts surgery.

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  2. what a gift to you and your birds and geese. so lovely you all have found your happy place❣️❣️❣️

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  3. Those are all good things to get joy from. In my opinion.

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  4. Theresz

    I totally understand and agree. Maybe this is God’s plan, so we see who we are and where we belong. Doesn’t take a lot or anyone to make us happy and at peace. We are simply strong enough. Good luck to you.

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