Badass Moving Forward With

Badassery 7/30

Okay little badass calendar, you stumped me today. I actually had to look this one up. Yep, google is sometimes my friend. Now I’ll see ads for bones on my Facebook feed and laugh my ass off.

So here we go:

“For those that didn’t have the fortune of growing up in the 1960’s and living in a time when the animated show The Flintstones ruled one of the four TV channels most had. The term “Loosen the Bone Wilma” came from an episode, well when the bone in Wilma’s hair was just a little too tight. It’s true friends, we can learn from a working-class Stone Age family. Yabba Dabba Doo!”

So there you have it!

Loosen your bone (no, not that bone, but you might feel better if you did)…

Have fun!

Don’t be so uptight!

We only get one life on this planet,

make the most of it!

Thanks for the learning opportunity, little badass calendar…

XO Lisa

2 comments on “Badassery 7/30

  1. I was thinking of the Flintstones so I am grateful you reaffirmed my thoughts. God’s peace Lisa!

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