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Badassery Backyard View 2/21/2021

View from the house…
Photos by William Hampton

We had a great deal of fun Sunday night watching the deer in the backyard. The young deer were romping and playing. Pine needles provided a quick snack.

Suburban deer are somewhat unafraid of humans. Bill was able to walk out and get very close-up pictures.

My neighbor is able to feed them by hand. I call him the deer whisperer…

Maybe corn for the deer is in our future. One never knows!

XO Lisa

8 comments on “Badassery Backyard View 2/21/2021

  1. Oh they are soooo pretty in the snow!


  2. Awesome photographs! They remind me of watching the deer wander into our town in eastern Montana years ago. During a tough winter, deer would seek shelter, using buildings as a shield against the wind.

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  3. Awesome!

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