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Badassery 2/20/21

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Sheltered in the Father’s arms

through the fire

the hurt and pain of this earthly life.

Promises that we can cling to while riding out the desolate, tumultuous, life storms that come during the darkness of the night,

before the beautiful dawn with its spectacular sunrise is evident.

Dawn always comes right on time in the cyclic nature of life.

Somehow after the dawn of good times we are tempted to think that we can let go of our Father G-d,

we want to forget the hurt and pain, leave the bad times behind, and not take the time to learn the lessons that can rise from the ashes of the refiner’s fire.

We no longer need the safety of shelter so we happily go on with our lives.

But the good times, those days and years that everything seems to be going right,

when our guard is down and we are most vulnerable to attack,

are precisely when we need to seek the safety of H-s fortress the most!

The good news is that G-d is always waiting to meet us where we are with love and acceptance – in the good and bad times.

Peace Be Still

XO Lisa ❤️

2 comments on “Badassery 2/20/21

  1. And peace also to you!


  2. Lisa, your editing points us in the right direction . . . we remember God is out front with His light. God’s peace!

    Liked by 1 person

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