Excitement, Shadows, and Light

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

So much excitement in the air

and dare I say happiness?

Exponential growth,

like a seed sprouting,

coming into my own.

Knowing, just knowing, that

life is good, on the right path,

falling into place.

I am blessed beyond measure

to be alive and will never

take anything or anyone

placed in my path

for granted again.

There is something about loss,

whether it be loved ones, hope,

dreams for the future,

or even losing oneself,

that forces a dark night of the soul.

Then comes reassessment

sometimes making it difficult to see

a way forward.

When gratitude steps in

and desolation is embraced,

the shadows are no longer frightening.

Instead of menacing,

the beasts are friendly.

After darkness is embraced,

one can see that

the world is one-dimensional

without shadows.

When shadows are present,

light can shine through the darkness

to create sparkle.

XO Lisa


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    […] February 23, to be exact. The EPIC day. The day that taught me so many lessons: It’s not healthy to stuff emotions; Feel each one so it will pass; Mourning is part of healing; It’s okay to be sad. The day I reflected on in WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES. The day that but for one well-placed text, would have been my last. The day that sparked EXCITEMENT, SHADOWS, and LIGHT […]


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