Badass Moving Forward With

Badassery Catch-up 7/17 – 7/21


1) OK little bad ass calendar, you can just go pound rocks. My self-esteem is just fine. I no longer care what anyone thinks. I am beyond shame. I’m all in for fun!

2) This, however, is on point. Handing the job over to the universe brings peace. It also makes number one a moot point. When one hands the job over to the universe, one must also trust the outcome.

3) “This is good because…” I love this! This statement works in myriad of situations. Not only in the situations named on the little badass calendar, but also when bringing up past darkness and finding the positives in the situation.

4) Wake up! This hearkens back to question everything, everything, every last thing. In order to heal, one must question every thing. Let go of beliefs that no longer resonate. Let go of beliefs that cause pain.

XO Lisa

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