Gratitude Series Moving Forward With

Musings Gratitude Day 50

“Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.”

― Roy T. Bennett

My car looks much worse than this… Image: Pixaby

Today I am grateful for

Being rear-ended Saturday night

it forced me to rest, relax, and

do absolutely nothing on Sunday.

I had a relaxing day lying around

like a slug.

I read, was quiet, rested, slept,

answered a myriad of messages

and took care of myself.

I am grateful for family and friends

who checked on me to make sure

that I was okay.

I am grateful

that I am okay.

I am grateful

that I was not alone

when the accident occurred

even though that meant the possibility of injury

to another human friend.

I am grateful that before the accident

we had a fun day with family and friends.

Last, but not least,

I am grateful to be alive.

XO Lisa

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