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Rona Boredom Sets In

Image: Pixaby

Rona Schedule:

5:00-7:00am: Good morning sunshine

8:00am-5:00pm: Work from home

5:00pm-Bedtime: Bored as hell

If it weren’t for family, friends, Houseparty app, live feeds, loud music, tequila, and Beethoven, I might have been straight-jacket material by now!

There are so many people I want(ed) to see, places I want(ed) to go, bands I want(ed) to listen to, things I want(ed) to do, but rona, oh rona, put a kink in kinky plans. Detour. Wrong fork in the winding road.

However, I have found more time for writing, reflection, healing, quiet, and deciding what I really want out of whatever time I have left on this planet.

I could finally clean out the basement. Maybe I will sit down and finish that elusive book! There are many things that I should do that just do not sound appealing.

Perhaps I’ll start the online dating game in anticipation of quarantine ending. That is, if I choose to tolerate tedious conversations via text messages and crazy naked pictures people seem to think are acceptable. The problem is that my sarcasm does not translate well via text message. So we’ll see how long that lasts. Perhaps not very long. Desperation doesn’t sit well with me (absolutely no angst here, seriously).

Cheers to all who are isolating alone!

We are beasts of the highest order!

XO Lisa

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