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Rona Musings Lessons From a Tree

Every year my Love and I wondered if this old tree in the front yard would need to be cut down.

The trunk is hollow

The bark is falling off

It is covered in moss

The dogs would sit in front of the hole in the bottom and wait for chipmunks to come out to play.

It has definitely seen better days.

For all intents and purposes, it should be dead.

But year after year


It sprouted leaves

Grew taller

Became fuller

Thumbed it’s proverbial nose at the humans who gave up on it.

This year it is the first tree in the yard

to show signs of buds

the first to herald the beginning of spring

the first to welcome new growth

– new life.

I think my Love is trying to tell me something.

I should listen to the lesson

from the old tree

and be open to the new everything.

Message received.

Thank you.

XO Lisa

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