Happy November

The clocks have turned back, darkness falls earlier now, and

the view from my front yard is cold, rainy, and windy.

The temperature is 47° and dropping.

Favorite warm hats are out of the closet

snow is in the forecast today

welcome to November in Northeast Ohio USA.

The view from my front porch has changed radically since the hope-filled day of Rona Musings Lessons From a Tree:

The maple tree’s leaves are turning,



blown off,

as if the old tree has had enough of their adornment and wants to be naked.

The pine tree stands sentinel –

never changing.

Fall rain leading to winter’s snow has never been my favorite…

I can appreciate fall colors when the sun is shining, but days like today bring doldrums on in nothing flat.

I suspect Rona social distancing will not be as difficult as the weather turns colder and the age-old urge to stay inside and hibernate grows stronger.

On days like today I want to crawl back into bed, pile on the blankets, and enter the darkest worlds in my head.

But since that is thought is terrifying, I will do laundry, cook, and perhaps watch a movie or two instead…

Happy November!

I am grateful that November is one step closer to spring!

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

5 comments on “Gratitude Day 129

  1. I also look forward to spring, but the winter does give me the relief I need each year for my allergies.

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  2. I look forward to more early morning light . . . an annual November reward for early risers. From this point forward, each day without snow brings us one day closer to spring.

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  3. This is the only time I fall back. I hate retreating!🤠🔥


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