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Rona Musings Dancing in the Car

I just did a Target run. Typical department store in the age of Rona. Long line snaking around the store, six feet apart, one cashier open. Reminiscent of Black Friday.

Reminded me why I avoid Black Friday shopping, actually.

But back to dancing in the car.

On the way home I was happy dancing in the car.

To Poison.

I can dance to anything that has a good, solid drum beat in the background- as long as it’s fairly fast, not sad, and I don’t have to move my feet.

Car dancing meets those criteria.

My feet have always been pretty clumsy jokers.

The looks from other drivers though.


I just smile and wave!

Isn’t anybody happy anymore?

If you aren’t, take it from me, car dancing might just lift your spirits!

Here is some music to get you started:

XO Lisa

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