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Rona Musings Pushing the Pull Doors

Image: Unsplash

Swimming upstream

Going against the grain

Marching to the beat of a different drummer




Willing to experiment

Playing devil’s advocate

Looking for adventures

Jumping down rabbit holes

Following the yellow brick road

Expecting nothing less than what I am willing to give in return.

Reading the last chapter first to see if the ending is worth my time.

Going in through the out door so I don’t miss a moment.

Just some phrases that describe life with my innermost self, and most certainly me in general.

Maybe it’s my overthinking brain,

perhaps my love of music,

creative bent,

or my stubbornness,

all influenced by my dark side

and life experiences to date.

It definitely makes life interesting, albeit challenging sometimes.

Some people just do not understand or approve. But I gave up seeking understanding and approval long ago when I learned to love myself.

It’s about time I found me again. The real me. She was lost in a deep, deep, rabbit hole for awhile. The light of day is amazing!

So here’s to people like me, whether they are willing to admit it or not. My tribe. A little kooky, somewhat kinky, a bit weird, always pushing the pull doors, bouncing along merrily embracing life while bumping into kindred spirits along the way.


XO Lisa

P.S.- Although I am stubborn and opinionated, I have been known to change my mind- but only after deep philosophical discussion.

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