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Skrewball Rona

“Hey Mom, you have to try this!” -My Crazy Son

Said no good son. Ever.

Photo: Son

For at least a week my son (who is just a little bit challenging, a lot crazy, sometimes annoying, but always has an expansive heart) has been telling me about this simply awesome Skrewball peanut butter whiskey.

Even though he states that I shouldn’t drink so much Tequila (because I might suddenly turn into an alcoholic- the family legacy history thing). Gee, wonder where he has heard that before… Suddenly, I NEED to try Skrewball. It’s the best thing since swiss-steak with red gravy (both our favorite birthday meals). Ask me nice and someday I’ll share my mom’s recipe.

I suppose since I had a hand in his creation, the apple doesn’t fall far from this tree. We have an emoji shorthand for just such an occasion that looks something like this: 🍎🌳

After all, my skrewball son was the teen that almost set the garage on fire while burning leaves in our postage-stamp sized backyard.

He also thought he could get away with printing out porn at the library and hiding it between pictures of Bart Simpson (because he didn’t want a small child finding it in the trash can)- nice try, but no.

My crazy son found my cannabis in my underwear drawer and tried to embarrass me at dinner (in front of the very guest who sold it to me, unbeknownst to him) and was in turn embarrassed when I asked him if he found my vibrator when he was digging around in said underwear drawer. That statement from me might have involved my friend spitting peas out all over the table and a great deal of laughter when son’s face turned fifty shades of red.

Then there was the party in which we all did shots of Jagermeister before my under-aged son left for a tour of duty in Iraq.

I think I’ve outed him enough- he could tell more stories on me so I’ll stop here. But the biggest victory as a grandmother is seeing his children act just as he did as a child. 🍎🌳 Word to son: put your helmet on and get ready for the ride. It will be exhilarating, fun, and challenging all rolled up into the crazy job of parenting!

But back to the Skrewball peanut butter whiskey. Tequila still rules. It could just be my second favorite go-to shot – with permanent residency in the freezer right next to the bottle of Jagermeister.

Thanks, Shawn.

I Love You More,


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