Counting Days in the Dark

You might have noticed

that I count days…

Perhaps you’ve wondered why

So I’m just going to put it out here:

I count days

because every day that passes

means that I am still alive

that I was strong enough

to stay that way

and survive another day.

… there have been moments …

(especially early on

when grief was overwhelming)

that darkness was

pervasive and

I didn’t want to live

without my Love


life seemed like a

place devoid of meaning.

Many nights- especially nights

I was hanging onto the edge

of a cliff

by my fingernails.

But every



I felt the darkness closing in

someone would call or text

or my Love would come to me

in a dream or send a message.

So to those of you who call,

message, text, and bug the

crap out of me- thank you!

You are my unaware angels

because you

loved me

enough to check in

and you

shared your strength

when I couldn’t find mine

I will

refuse to give in

to the darkness

I will be here tomorrow


I am



and Blessed

to have you

in my life.

180 XO Lisa


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  1. Stuart L. Tutt

    When I was walking with Angie through her grief for her son I would see the little glimmer of hope when others reached out to her. She may not have wanted it but she needed it. A friend’s love, concern, compassion and prayers goes a long way. I am praying for you Lisa.

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