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Embracing Weird Quotes II

Everyone’s a Bit Weird

If they deny it, they are probably lying.

“If someone invented a thermometer that measured weirdness, it would probably melt under my tongue.” ― Dean Koontz, Odd Thomas

This quote was called out as a favorite by Big Sky Buckeye (BSB) on my EMBRACING WEIRD QUOTES (EWQ) blog post last month.

Of course, when BSB replied to EWQ by saying: “Lisa, I made it to the end. I recalled some of my own “weird” characteristics as I read. I enjoyed the quote from Dean Koontz,” I had to laugh!

No weirdness on the BSB blog, follow the link and check it out for yourselves… While visiting BSB’s blog I saw writing talent, great insights, and wonderful quotes with amazing reflections- and that was just a quick archive look for posts I have not yet read!

So BSB (your new nickname BTW), it’s time to embrace your weird-

name it

own it

integrate it

and then let it out to play!

You might just like it!

Good advice for everyone in my (humble) opinion.

XO Lisa

P.S. – I’ll be waiting! 🙂

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