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Lunch and a Book

First things first: I am not a food photographer. However, I am enjoying my favorite lunch: Yogurt, more fruit than yogurt, and granola.

Second: This book. A little deep for my neurons today. But deep is good.

I’ll share one quote that resonated:

The man for you

will understand that

you are both a survivor and a warrior,

full of scars, yet fearless.

Pierre Alex Jeanty – Her

Truthfully, this book is boring the life out of me. But I finally finished it. It’s too flowery, concepts melodramatic. I prefer being realistic. Let’s just learn the lesson and get to the point.

My Love liked to tell me that I took more after my father than my mother, especially when it came to thought processes and showing emotion. Perhaps he was correct. (That’s all I’ll give him is a perhaps, because I do not want to have to apply duct tape to my head from overthinking today).

For all intents and purposes, a pretty successful lunch.

Another book completed, never to read again.

No duct tape needed.

Favorite lunch menu.



XO Lisa

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