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Musings Badassery x 2

Grateful for badass reminders: I can relate to this suggestion. Every, single, time I have ignored the nudge the results have been disastrous. I have learned to listen to the nudge my gut instinct. Intention Intention Intention Typically, I don’t have to work hard to be annoying to anyone, especially myself! XO Lisa gigglesintentionintuitionnudge

Musings Badassery x 3

Still grateful for my little desktop calendar, even if some days I don’t look at it and have to get caught up. Today you get the gift of three, because I am finally getting caught up! Fitting- Sometimes messages show up when needed most… see “Musings Beauty Through the Netting” I needed this one too……

Gratitude Day 34

Today I am grateful for Sitting outside for a hot minute with my dog Roxie and nature listening to the birds sing in the morning. Soon I will walk to the office for the workday- I am grateful for the ability to work from home in this time of Rona. I am exceedingly grateful for…