Courtesy Laura Bailey

My friend Laura Bailey from over at All the Shoes I Wear posted this on Facebook today and it brought to mind a story about my sweet mother.

It is fitting that mom is on my mind today because last night she came to work with me in a dream. We were sitting in a restaurant booth (the kind where the seats curved down and then up) in the middle of an office. She was wearing one of her legendary Christmas sweatshirts, laughing and smiling at the goings on in the office. She joined me on conference calls, marveling at the technology. It was so much fun that I didn’t want to wake up.

Mom looked amazing – appeared to be in her 30s with no gray hair. She was so young and vibrant.

But, I digress.

Mom was a neat freak. Over the top, OCD, everything had to be spotless, not a speck of dust, neat freak.

I think my sister Linda is the only one of the four who inherited that quality from her. The rest of us, not so much.

In the mid 90s my sister Dana was hosting Thanksgiving at her house. She spent a week cleaning the house from top to bottom so mom wouldn’t have a single thing to critique when she got there early in the morning. She even went so far to clean the blinds.

This is how Dana recounted the story (to raucous laughter from everyone – except mom):

“Mom got here in the morning and was sitting at the table. She kept looking around nervously for something to do. She went upstairs to the bathroom, came back down, sat down, still looking around. She went downstairs to the laundry room bathroom and came back upstairs holding a piece of toilet paper in her hand and triumphantly said, “I found a spider web on the baseboard behind the toilet in the bathroom downstairs – I wiped it up for you!””

The rest of the day went smoothly.

From that moment on, we always left something for mom to clean when she came to visit. For me, it was the ceiling fan in the dining room. The conversation was always the same: Mom, “Don’t you ever clean that ceiling fan?” Me, “The webster is hanging behind the door in the kitchen, it’s all yours.” Then we would laugh.

I miss my mom so much.

I do find myself sweeping and steam cleaning more as I get older.

Thinking about getting a Roomba…

Sometimes I even dust the bookshelves…

But I always miss mom’s laugh and sense of fun.

Thanks Laura, for sparking a memory and thank you mom for the dream visit last night – three days before my birthday.

They were the best gifts


I am grateful, thankful, and blessed…

XO Lisa ❤️

10 comments on “240 My Sweet Mom

  1. such memories of your heart! 💖

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  2. A gift which never stops giving . . . delightful memories such as these. My Mom sometimes reminds me about details of her mother. Each is precious as the two of them will always be best friends. Blessings to you Lisa for reminding us to continue harvesting our dreams.

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  3. This just made me smile😊 What lovely memories💕
    P.S. I have a shark robot vacuum. I don’t know how I ever lived without it now!🤣

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  4. ….you haven’t seen my house lately!😂😂 Love you!❤

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