313 today

This was my grandparents’ home.

My mom and her brother were raised there.

I spent many happy days on the front porch glider learning how to crochet with grandma. I also learned how to sew on her treadle sewing machine.

Teaching life skills was her thing. Canning, sewing, preserving, cooking, discipline, the importance of family, writing her daily diary, and bedtime prayers on her knees. Boy, could grandma cook! Her Sunday dinners were legendary!

On the other hand, grandpa was the funny one. He would send my cousins and I in the backyard to catch fish in a washtub. The wooden guard dog chained to the front porch always made me laugh. He would stay up late and sit on the back porch listening to one baseball game on the radio while watching another on the small black and white television in the kitchen corner. Grandpa taught me to bake everything and decorate cakes.

But no matter what time grandpa’s games ended and grandma was done writing her book, wake-up the next morning was at sunrise and before one bite of breakfast was eaten they gave thanks to God. Daily devotions were always at breakfast as well.

We spent hours pitting cherries and snapping beans.

I found out that I love Swiss Chard more than Spinach.

Always played with my cousins…

Church was twice on Sunday and Wednesday nights without fail.

Grandma’s hair appointments were always on Friday. The salon had an old-fashioned coke bottle dispenser.

It’s funny how a picture of a house can trigger a flood of memories…

Memories full of unconditional love.

Grandma went to heaven in August 1987 and Grandpa was buried the same day she died five years later. I wish I could have witnessed their reunion…

I miss them so much and cannot wait to see them again when I get there.

Thank you for calling me today to ask for the address, my son. The picture you sent took me on a wonderful journey down memory lane. ❤️

XO Lisa ❤️

7 comments on “231 Memories of 313

  1. Aww! Such beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing them! ❤

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  2. Lisa, thanks for sharing these special memories. Your words and photographs are filled with so much love. When I think back to my own sets of grandparents, I now understand how their lives taught me so much.

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  3. This was so beautiful, Lisa! Thanks for sharing your flood of memories! So dear and precious! Your grandparents were a beautiful couple! I can see you in their smiles! 💜

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