Enable transitive verb

1 a : to provide with the means or opportunity

b : to make possible, practical, or easy

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The word “enable” has received a bum rap in recent years. Used in a negative connotation regarding empowering self-destructive behaviors or misguided support to individuals with addiction, one is labeled an “enabler”.

Six months ago Bill and I said “I do” and I have learned that:

Enabling can be positive!

Bill encourages me in my hobbies – making vanilla and various extracts, sourdough bread (still an experiment), bird watching, and jumps in on any little project. He supports my work and has brought immense happiness into my life.

I encourage him to reach his goal of becoming a private pilot, help him develop the accent of a northerner (ha), support him in his work, and try to overcome his stubbornness with my own.

We pray for each other daily,

uphold each other,

and share many laughs.

We encourage each other to be the best people we can under many circumstances

… and if one of us fails miserably,

we aren’t afraid to call each other out.


We work to develop patience – a characteristic we are both a bit lacking in.

We coach each other to be calm and stay in a place of peace.

We empower each other to walk away to reduce stress, if necessary.

We permit the other to vent and then let it go.

We guide each other to God if we see the other straying.

In my mind encouraging, supporting, coaching, empowering, and guiding is one and the same with enabling.

Because we care we enable each other in positive ways!

We are one person.

We protect the other as we protect our self.

For instance, I will not tolerate disrespect.

Therefore, when someone disrespects my husband they disrespect me, and vice versa.

We pray about everything, make decisions together, and both have equal say in every matter.

We are a team.

For better or worse.

XO Lisa ❤️

PS – Happy six month Anniversary!

5 comments on “249 Enable

  1. God bless both of you! I agree that “enable” can be a powerful action verb in our relationships. When we work together in God-inspired support of one another, we truly feel blessed in our walk with Jesus.


  2. Robin your friend

    I love this scripture and your words.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Marti Champion

    Hi Lisa😃. Greaaaaattttt read my friend! Grief brought us together and “enabled” a new friendship…now that’s a “positive “!👍. Btw, happy 6 month anniversary you two!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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