Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour.

John Boswell

Winter 2022

is definitely lingering –

or at least it seems to be…

In reality, it is only nearing January’s end

and the prospects of snow for

two or three months more

is chilling to the bone.

But bits of colorful beauty show up

in the stark white landscape

of snow.

Bill feeds the birds

to ensure access to feed.

and deer show up in the back yard

for leftover seed.

“Idle” hours have been filled

with studying,

“This is Us” marathons,



and work.

In reality,

there is very little idle time at all.

Much energy is spent fighting the

winter desire to hibernate during the long,

dark, winter evenings.

I took a sentimental journey

via Facebook memories today.

One of the pictures was my sweet daddy looking happy while holding Miss M on the occasion of her first birthday in June 2009.

Daddy loved his grands and great-grandlittles…

His eyes lit up whenever they entered the room.

I miss him so much…

The coldness of winter

with colorful beauty,

busy “idle” hours,

and abundant sentiment,

are baby steps towards

glorious spring.

XO Lisa ❤️

6 comments on “248 Monday Snow

  1. awwww so beautiful and sending love 💖

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  2. That cardinal is gorgeous in the tree with the snow backdrop! Your dad sounded like a very special dad. I know you miss him. I’m learning to love winter. I don’t like being cold, so it’s always been my least favorite season.

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  3. It is a never ending season, of darkness!

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