It’s cold in Ohio!

We’ve been reaching single digits at night…

Last week we received 17-18 inches of snow in a 24 hour period. Supposed to get another four to six today…

Roxie the miniature labradoodle

Roxie loves to bury her face in the snow.

What to do on a day when it’s frigid outside?

Mr. Bill is watching short-field landing videos.

Roxie isn’t far from him taking a nap on her favorite couch spot.

Homemade vegetable beef soup is simmering on the stove.

We are hanging out and relaxing

on this snowy Sunday,

counting our blessings

with gratitude.

XO Lisa ❤️

14 comments on “247 Winter Sunday

  1. Your photos are absolutely gor6, Lisa and that soup!!!! That just looks AMAZING🥰💕

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  2. I can attest to weather in the Buckeye state. Here in the Akron/Canton area, we had 16″ last Sunday/Monday, 3 more today and perhaps another round tomorrow. And we hit -1 the other night too. Hang in there, spring is coming …. sometime! ❤

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  3. Your dog Roxie looks so cute in the snow. I enjoyed the other pics too and though it is COLD here as well, your post made me feel warm. 🙂

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  4. oh burr so cute Roxie likes the snow. YUMMM what time is dinner? looks divine! 💖

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  5. Planning on making vegetable soup on Thursday…. great minds….🤗🤗❤

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