Aging Autumn Badass Grateful Gratitude Series

236 Autumn and Aging

Image: Pixaby

The dichotomy surrounding the beauty of Autumn leaves is

they are extremely colorful,

at the height of vibrancy

before falling –

and dying.

The same can be said about people who are aging.

We can be extremely colorful,



unwilling to put up with crap

(anything that we see as fake),

as we get older.

I include myself in that group of “people who are aging,”


on the downside of life.

There is just no reason to not be real,

who I am,

take me or leave me.

But back to Autumn:

The most vibrant individuals I have had the pleasure to know were older,




They lived life on their own terms

and did what they wanted

to the fullest extent possible.

I suppose after facing

many losses and agonizing setbacks,

then finally figuring out the secret to living a life of peace

one might seem quite eccentric…

It isn’t everyone who chooses to ignore the media,

the news of the day,

and say come hell or high water I will only do what is good for me.

I will not:

Accept anything that endangers my peace

be controlled

or told what to do.


I will:

Always seek God’s kingdom above all.

I just wish I had figured it out sooner…

because the dichotomy surrounding the beauty of aging is

it is extremely colorful,

at the height of vibrancy,

before dying…

XO Lisa ❤️

5 comments on “236 Autumn and Aging

  1. Lisa, thanks so much for sharing your exhortation. Speaking now from experience, I feel so much more at peace than at any other time in my life. The passing years have finally taught me a thing or two. Blessings to your continuing Christian witness.


  2. Wise words and YES!

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