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Hold on

Image: Pixaby

The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.

— Lois Lowry, The Giver (The Giver, #1)

I love this song

but before I saw

the video

it brought tears

after seeing the video

with so much symbolism

I love it even more

but instead of tears

will listen with joy

and continue to share


212 & 24/365 XO Lisa

L.R.Knost Quotes

“Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break. And all things can be mended. Not with time, as they say, but with intention. So go. Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally. The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.”

L.R. Knost

Intention – what a marvelous word! Doesn’t just one change in semantics make all the difference in how one might look at the process of healing?

“Life is amazing. And then it’s awful. And then it’s amazing again. And in between the amazing and awful it’s ordinary and mundane and routine. Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary. That’s just living heartbreaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life. And it’s breathtakingly beautiful.”

— L.R. Knost

Just speechless about this quote… truth!

“Don’t make yourself small.
Not for anyone.
If someone tells you
you’re too much…
too loud, too sensitive,
too fierce, too caring,
too intellectual, too optimistic,
too realistic, too logical, too emotional…
just smile and move on, my friend.
Clearly, they aren’t enough for you.”

— L.R. Knost

Always be who your authentic self. Never, ever let anyone tell you to change!

“Tell your story.
Shout it. Write it.
Whisper it if you have to.
But tell it.
Some won’t understand it.
Some will outright reject it.
But many will
thank you for it.
And then the most
magical thing will happen.
One by one, voices will start
whispering, ‘Me, too.’
And your tribe will gather.
And you will never
feel alone again.”

— L.R. Knost

I love you all.

211 & 23/365 XO Lisa

Moving Forward

Image credit: Pixaby

“What is joy without sorrow? what is success without failure? what is a win without a loss? what is health without illness? you have to experience each if you are to appreciate the other. there is always going to be suffering. it’s how you look at your suffering, how you deal with it, that will define you.”

Mark Twain

Moving forward with life

after the death of

a loved one

can be pretty frightening

downright scary

– sharing

– developing trust

– taking two steps forward

then one step back

– when tears come

during the process.

But then I think

it may always be

this way.

Now to find the

balance between

past pain,

present healing,

and future joy.

All three must

find a way to

peacefully coexist

within me

so the discord

in my mind

will be silenced.

Only then will I

be capable of

appreciating life


moving forward.

211 & 23/365 XO Lisa

Challenges and Hope

Image credit: Pixaby

“There is a saying in Tibetan, ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.’
No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.”

— Dalai Lama XIV

We all have challenges

that present in many forms

internal or external.

Some seem insurmountable –

veritable mountains

with no foothold in sight.

Some seem scary

like looking into an abyss.

Some are easy enough

on first glance.

But all are real.

Sharing challenges helps

them seem less overwhelming.

Recounting victories helps

show that eventually

light can replace darkness.

Telling one’s story honestly

while looking in from

the outside may reveal a

different view, thus

leading to insight.

Sharing is the key

for one never knows who

may be going through

something similar and

need to see that there

is a glimmer of light in

their darkness – and provide

the catalyst to keep believing

there is hope.

210 & 22/365 XO Lisa

Jumping Down Rabbit Holes

Image Credit: Pixaby

In the blog post Life—Period I mentioned

a rabbit hole to go down later…

I can’t resist a good rabbit hole

and no, my name isn’t Alice…

But the question haunting me is:

Why is it that the person I see in the mirror is so focused on the things she wants to fix that she can’t (or won’t) see in herself what others see?

Is it humility?

Probably not.

A still fractured sense of self-worth?

Getting warm…

The child within who was bullied

because she was heavy all her life?

That was hard…

The adult who was shamed because

she gained weight after giving birth

to two children?

Pretty demeaning…

The person who is getting older

with more wrinkles and gray hair

showing up?

That’s just natural order…

The lady who is not perfect to the

‘standards’ of today, or yesterday

for that matter…

Now we’re onto something!

By the way, this isn’t meant

to be a pity fest.

I am honestly going down this

rabbit hole of self-reflection

because I KNOW that I am not the

only person who sees the flaws in

the mirror that need to be fixed

instead of the good qualities that

G-d gave me.

I see someone different

than others see,

than G-d sees.

I wish I could see myself through

my Love’s eyes.

He always told me that I was

beautiful. No matter what weight,

how tired my eyes were,

or how many times I protested.

But the question remains, why?

If we hold ourselves

to G-d’s standards, and

we are made in H-s image

Therefore, we can be no

less than wondrous.

So who am I going to believe?

The voices in my head instilling

self-doubt and loathing,

the ads saying buy this

beauty product, or that

wrinkle cream?

Or G-d?

The answer is clear!

Now to put it into practice…

209 & 21/365 XO Lisa

Get Back Up Again

Sleep eludes me

most nights

I lie awake thinking

always giving thanks

that I am/was blessed

sometimes crying

sometimes not

reminiscing about

good times

trying not to dwell

in darkness

but always fighting

to get back up again

and face the day

praying for

abundant life.

209 & 21/365 XO Lisa

Power of Love V

Image credit: Jon Tyson Unsplash

The power of love is:

Sowing Unity

instead of Discord.

Operating with Acceptance

instead of trying to change.

Celebrating Differences

instead of Judging.

Listening more

instead of Preaching.

Being Present

instead of always Moving.

Putting fear aside

to accept Abundance.

Thinking of others’ needs first

instead of one’s own.

Unconditional love

is the freedom

to be oneself without fear,

empowerment to love

with abandon,

a gift given

and received

that can



209 & 21/365 XO Lisa