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289 for 2023

In years past I would go over the year with a fine-toothed comb to see what I could or should have done differently….

It’s been one month since I have blogged

frankly, I have missed writing

pen to paper

typing to screen

sharing thoughts…

December was a busy, brutal month with both dark and light moments


and memories as well.

In December:

I passed the 62 years on this earth milestone…

Not bad for a three month premature baby who wasn’t supposed to live…

and shortly after the milestone birthday was ill with bronchitis that knocked me down through Christmas, cancelled our planned trip to Florida, and was transferred to Bill.

Good things came out of it though…

My husband is a marvelous caregiver,

the crochet blanket that I’ve been working on for Bill is nearly completed with more projects on the horizon,

and the ceramic Christmas Tree finally came down (it’s been up since 2019) – hey, don’t laugh, it was a major victory!

Yesterday we finally celebrated Christmas with the family – and received my favorite (ever) gift that has a place of honor on the wall:

But what would a new year be without reflection on the past?

In years past I would go over the year with a fine-toothed comb to see what I could or should have done differently.

Thinking of how hard life was and how I persevered with bravery.


This year seems different.

I really didn’t spend much time in reflection…

more time in gratitude and enjoying life as it is now.

Perhaps it’s a product of getting older

maybe wiser (although I don’t feel it)

but I’ve come to the conclusion

that my life is turning out

just as God planned

regardless of my screw ups

or how many times I’ve asked why

His answer is always, “I’ve got you – you’ll see – just trust in My plan…”





I thought the outcome

wasn’t what I wanted

or planned

something new and better

came out of the ashes

the restart

the unanswered prayers

were answered – in different ways than I wanted

but still answered to His Glory.

You’ll find numerous examples in this blog if you care to look,

but one example comes to mind at this moment:

I prayed for Larry to be healed.

He was – just not on this earth.

An answer to prayer – for him – his suffering was extinguished when he went on his last great adventure to live in God’s presence – pain free and peaceful.

It took a long while and a slow walk through the valley of the shadow of grief for me to realize that my prayer for Larry’s healing was answered – in the best possible way for him and not for my selfishness.

How can I be angry at God for that, or any other situation in my life that I questioned that turned out differently than I wanted?


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord!

Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,

(even if you screw things up

or rebel

are angry at me

stop trusting

turn your back


put your trust in others besides me

do things you know are not good for your well-being

trust your soul to the deceiver)

I will always be there for you

when you turn back towards me

put your trust in Me

“to give you HOPE and a future!”

because My plans are

a future that includes eternity in my presence.

All you need to do is trust

in Me.

for God’s grace I am grateful!

I am also Grateful:

That God sent Bill into my life at just the right time – for both of us.

For my grandchildren who bring immeasurable joy to my life

Children that are happy and successful

My life as it is now…

and my future

that it is in God’s hands

right where it should be.

XO Lisa ❤️

2 comments on “289 for 2023

  1. aww sweet picture Lisa and Happy belated Birthday. Glad you’re doing better my friend! 💗

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  2. Lisa, I am thankful that you and Bill weathered illness. God is always with us! As this new year started out, I spent time reflecting on God’s presence during the previous year’s challenges and disappointments. I praised Him for keeping tomorrow’s hope always burning brightly . . . and I certainly needed it. Hope is my word for this year, perhaps as a daily reminder of God’s grace. Blessings to you and Bill this year!

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