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284 Fun Flashback Family Weekend

I was a bandie

many of my good friends (to this day)

were also in school band.

My son and daughter learned to play

and now my oldest granddaughter

is carrying on the tradition!

That’s her bottom row middle! 😊

She plays trumpet like the rest of the family!

I branched out into French horn, Alto horn, Flugelhorn, and a short stint on the Baritone

perhaps she’ll do the same.

This weekend my days playing in high school band came flooding back to memory

as I watched her march in the halftime show

and it was Disney week (how fun) to boot!

No copyright infringement intended

then the local homecoming parade on Saturday

No copyright infringement intended

After walking the cute town festival we had lunch then left for home so we wouldn’t be in the way of getting ready for

the dance…

with a date…

later that evening

Love her (and her style)!
Shawn, Tyler, Malea, Sarah
Granddaughters aren’t they beautiful?
Grandson (his dad’s mini-me)

and so ends the grandma brag post…

XO Lisa ❤️

3 comments on “284 Fun Flashback Family Weekend

  1. oh I love these pictures Lisa.. what fun❣️

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  2. Lisa, thanks for sharing your weekend. My wife and I followed the marching band at Westerville North when our grandson was in high school. He played tenor sax. My wife played trumpet and later French horn back in her school days. Indeed, there is something special about our five daughters and five granddaughters

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