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Acknowledging My Beast

I just commented

on another post that

“Anyone who is honest will acknowledge his or her beast…”

Perhaps honest wasn’t correct

How about “a masochist”

or “an over thinker”?

What if a beastly characteristic

to me isn’t really that bad?

Then the question becomes

Why am I so hard on myself?

I teasingly refer to some of my

“tastes” as “the beasts”

because honestly, that’s what

they feel like sometimes-

always fighting with myself-

an almost constant narrative.

But the key to beastly urges

is developing the ability to

cage or unlock,

given the right situation.

Right now, the beasts are safe,

identified, and caged.

Time will tell if they can

come out to play…

234 XO Lisa

2 comments on “Acknowledging My Beast

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