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My First Hero – Life Lessons

My Daddy

was my first hero

always there for me

with unyielding love

a listening ear

quiet understanding…

My first memory is him holding me in his arms dancing in the living room with “Mona Lisa” playing on the record player.

He worked two, sometimes three jobs so my mom could stay home. Time with him was precious.

We worked on cars and I rode with him on his trencher when he had his own business.

We went to many auctions. I was always able to bid on a treasure that often was hidden in a box of junk.

But he wasn’t perfect, nobody is.

Unfortunately, his last act on earth was the most hurtful to us.

Which brings me to the point of this diatribe:

Life and relationships


with sweet treasures


in boxes of junk

disguised as



Mundane tasks




Acts of self-destruction

and many more examples that can cause hurt and pain.

The key is to

see the sweet

focus on the love

let the treasures

rise above the junk.

177 XO Lisa

4 comments on “My First Hero – Life Lessons

  1. One day I will forget the end.
    Just remember the times before.

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  2. Well said Lisa! By focusing on the treasures of life, we can move forward from the baggage left behind.

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