Badass Moving Forward With

Musings Badassery the Real 7/15

Maybe Going into File 13 AKA Trash, Unless my Heart can Make Sense of It…

What kind of person would I be

if money and possessions were

my best friends?

Someone I do not wish to be,

that’s for sure!

So I will continue to be


who I am

and value

heart over head

pain over peace

love over hate


hope over fear.

I will be happy

with who I love

what I have

and anything else is a bonus!

XO Lisa

4 comments on “Musings Badassery the Real 7/15

  1. I don’t go with this one either. Money may rent happiness for a bit but you have to be pretty shallow to be made happy by possessions.

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  2. Hmm..🤔 Yeah, this one’s a bit befuddling.

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